Strawberry Season


Every time I go out to pick strawberries, too many seem to make it into the basket. What can I say? I know that they are delicious and that there are far too many tasty ways to save them for later to say no!

Strawberry Shortcake: Ina Garten is just the best and her recipes are even better. I loved the recipe she shared for deconstructed strawberry shortcakes. The only change that I make is to use balsamic vinegar (sometimes I reduce it) instead of the Grand Marnier.

Strawberry Muffins: These are good. Very good. They almost mimic the muffins that I look forward to eating every time I’m on Martha’s Vineyard at Morning Glory Farms. We’ll get there for the farm store opening just to make sure that we grab a muffin for the day. I’m excited to have a recipe that I can adapt to make blueberry muffins later in the season, too! Adaptions: I’ll be including all the berries inside the muffins and using the Morning Glory topping from their Harvest Pie.


Strawberry Cake: This one was a new one for me and I’m not sure I’m going to remake it unless I know I’ll have a bunch of people to share it with while its still warm from the oven. Even then, I plan on tweaking it a bit (strawberries at the bottom, possibly cut up, possibly to turn out like an upside-down pineapple cake). I’ll let you know if I find a method that I adore. I made the original from Martha Stewart but found an adapted recipe on Once Upon a Kitchen.

Strawberry Shortcake Cake: This one is a recipe that I enjoy making for a crowd since it keeps well and looks impressive.

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp: My beau and I absolutely love strawberry rhubarb jam (its so bad but we’ll have tug-a-wars when we make it!) so to see the option of making it as a crisp made it a no brainer to try. Since my rhubarb was too big to just slice up like the recipe called for, I diced it into fairly fine pieces. After throwing the pound of rhubarb into the baking dish, adding in the half pound of strawberries and half a cup of sugar, I knew that I wouldn’t be all that happy with such a tart dessert. I think I tripled the strawberries (they weren’t weighed so I could have easily quadrupled them). I made the original amount of topping and baked it. Super tasty but not enough topping, which is fair because I massively changed the recipe. I remade it with two-thirds the rhubarb (its what I had) and about 3 times the original amount of strawberries, mostly small berries that I tossed in whole. The topping was doubled and I baked it off. I think I’m going to use more butter in a thrid rendition but I’m out of rhubarb. That being said, If I had both berries and rhubarb on hand, this is the recipe that I’d make with the full amount of rhubarb, 3x the strawberries and 2x the topping with an increase in the butter (or use olive oil, I like what it does in toppings)).

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt: Its ok. I think two things could be done to improve the recipe. Likely, I need to use a better Greek yogurt. While the yogurt is pretty good topped with granola, it may not be suited to this recipe. The other would be to use an alcohol that adds a flavor I enjoy. Possibly Limoncello or Elderflower Liqueur. Maybe even triple sec. I’m also thinking that this could be amazing in a summer trifle. This recipe, as with most, exists for us to make our own and I can’t really complain about that. Final note: I’ll likely follow the proportions given in the original recipe this one is based off of since there was a little bit too much liquid for the ice cream maker.

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