Overnight Oats


I eat this for breakfast on a fairly regular basis (or whenever, really) because its healthy, keeps me fairly full and find that it helps my digestive tract. Changing up the toppings keeps things interesting enough. Its kind of like salad in that way: changing the toppings changes everything but its only as healthy as what you add on top of it.




1 grated apple (I prefer Grannysmith or something tart+firm)

4 heaping scoops of yogurt( ~150g)

Large handful of toasted rolled oats (you’re not looking for color, its a taste thing for me~50-60g

Optional: Toppings. I tend towards frozen fruit that’ll defrost overnight. Feel free to add more high protein bits into the overnight oats or on top to stir on later. Or even a little extra container of various seeds and nuts.



-My preferred yogurt: Hawthorne , plain (1. no sugar, 2. I prefer the consistency of ‘traditional’ yogurt to something thicker like Greek or Skyr

-If you find that you its too tart, I used to add honey. After about a month, I found that I no longer needed the added sugar and that I didn’t like the spices in the oats so I started to leave them out.

-This will either be 1 very large breakfast or two smaller ones. Sometimes, if I’m not very active or I am having large meals, this can work out to be 3 very small but satisfying breakfasts. Often that meals I’ll have an earlier lunch but I prefer that to feeling too full.

-Finally, experiment! This recipe is definitely one of those ‘base recipes’ sort of thing.

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