Classic Peanut Butter Cookies

Top to bottom: KAF 1-2-3-4 cookies, KAF Girl Scout Cookies, Flour Classic PB Cookies

With so many recipes out there and a few jars of peanut butter at home, I decided it was time to tackle peanut butter cookies.  In middle school I learned how to make a pillowy cake version in Home Ec.  It went something along the lines of yellow cake mix, peanut butter, eggs and maybe some oil.  I kind of love it but I was wondering if I was missing out on something else.


First up: the classic versions.  Crunchy and tender, these are probably what you think of when you think of classic peanut butter cookies.  I made one from the Flour cookbook and one from King Arthur Flour.  The Flour cookies were pretty big – a quarter of a cup of batter per cookie!  I formed patties that were about half an inch thick.  It reminded me a lot of making crab cakes.  There was no way the tines of a fork were going to get across those so I crossed them the the back side of a butter knife.

Paleo friendly PB cookies

The Paleo-ish version.  They’re really just the 1-2-3-4 PB cookies from King Arthur Flour.  The idea behind the cookies is simplicity and even though I used a natural PB for making these, I think they turned out exactly right.  They were so simple that the ‘natural’ aspect of my PB was my only deviation.  The final product reminded me of a Sandie.  Whether that is good or bad is up to you.  I liked that it was bit sized and contained a ton of PB.  Mixing by hand was incredibly easy.  And that I got about 7 dozen cookies – which is pretty perfect for hosting and you want people to grab little bites throughout the party.

KAF Girl Scouts

The Girl Scout Versions. King Arthur Flour actually says that its making an imitation Do-Si-Do without saying the Do-Si-Do part whereas Dahlia’s Bakery says no such thing and yet after having these cookies from their shop in Seattle, I can tell you that these were a soft version of the crunchy Girl Scout cookies.  So it was time to make them at home.  The King Arthur version is pretty much spot on for what a Do-Si-Do is.  Here’s the thing: because I made them at home, I could have a cookie that was perfect for me.  My mind was blown.  I may have devoured half a dozen before realizing it…  The crunchier ones were shared and a couple were thrown into the freezer to experiment.  The beau loves these in particular straight from icy cold depths into his sweet, little, cookie-monster self.

That being said, both of these cookies are pretty labor intensive and while I’ll be sticking with the slightly ‘underbaked’ King Arthur versions, they’ll be special occasion cookies only. Time to go off and try more cookie recipes!


By the way, has anyone else noticed that KAF has volume/grams/ounces options at the top of their online recipes?  I may be a little bit in love with them after this experiment in cookie making.

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