Shepherd’s Pie

Is it a bad thing to admit that I hid this one in the fridge from my beau as long as I could? Yes, he found it ( as soon as he searched the fridge for dinner while asking if he could eat pasta). It was gone within 24 hours after that…

Essentially this was your basic shepherd’s pie just with a few extra few tricks that I continually use to increase the flavor of my dishes while maximizing cost savings.  Use your favorite recipe with these tips and you’ll get even better results, too!

  1. Add wine (or water) to your pan after roasting the veggies and put it back into the oven to soak up all those roasted veggie flavors.  And that, make your gravy with the meat drippings using the veggie broth you just made
  2.  Add parsnips to the mashed potatoes.  They increased the texture a bit and added another layer of flavor.  I roasted 2 parsnips with my other veggies then combined them with my mashed potatoes.  You can add one or two to your mashed potatoes to experiment but I will tell you that my beau simply asked why the potatoes were so tasty.  Parsnips look and feel the same but are subtly different in flavor and add a little kick to the dish.
  3. Use up the last of your veggies from last summer.  I know this one isn’t as easy to achieve but I have access to fresh veggies from my or others gardens and I use these items throughout the winter.  The corn and green beans were frozen last summer and the onions are almost gone – I am very excited for spring and a new harvest but that means a lot of my dishes right now contain the last bits and pieces.  This dish really is a great way to clear out the freezer – try looking in yours to see what you can add to the dish!  There are no specific rules in cooking so make it your own!




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