Butternut Squash Oven Fries

IMG_1088I ended up buying way too much butternut squash this season and so as part of my hunt for new ways to use them up, I found  this recipe from Sweet Lavender.  How smart is that?  I love sweet potato fries and the two veggies seem to be fairly interchangeable, so why not make butternut squash fries just like you’d make sweet potato fries?

These guys are definitely best straight out of the oven – as soon as you can handle them without burning your fingers or mouth, devour the entire stack!  I dipped them in ketchup and ate them as my lunch today but pairing these oven fries up with a burger and garlic aioli would be divine.


So what did I do differently?  Well, I used a convection oven and I may have cut the butternut slightly smaller than recommended.  I definitely tried to pay attention to my cutting but using a convection oven sped things up more than I had anticipated.  It ended up taking a little more half the time to bake up the fries: 20 minutes on the first side followed by another 15 minutes on the other side.  I found that immediately transferring the fries from the baking sheet to the plate and bringing them to the table was just enough time for the fries to feel crispy after coming out of the oven.

A few things to note: cutting the fries smaller not only means that it takes less time for them to bake cut it also means that you’ll have a harder time flipping them.  Go light on the first round of seasoning – you can always add more but mine came out a little spicier than expected after I doused the bowl of butternut squash with seasoning.  Maybe two shakes from the spice holder was more than enough.  At which point I turned to my best friend, ketchup.  Acid and dairy both work to mild out something that’s a little spicier than anticipated.



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