Apple Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Inspiration: my father-in-law.  He’s got a few really great recipes up his sleeve and this is one of them.  While I didn’t use his recipe, I wandered over to King Arthur Flour  to give one a chance.  And then I added apples into the sugar/cinnamon mixture to use up a few of the many that I’ve picked up at the market recently.  I may have gone a little overboard with the seasonal pickings!


My thoughts on the recipe?  Well, I won’t be making a recipe like this in the mixer again.  I mixed everything except the last addition of flour in the mixer and it came out a little denser than I would have liked.  Next time.  Speaking of which, next time I won’t add the apples directly to the sugar mixture.  It melted the sugar before it made it into the cake.  I also might only add the apples to the middle section for a nice little surprise.  The sugar tends to melt there a bit anyway so it wouldn’t be a huge change but I missed the crunchy sugar crust that you normally would find in a coffee cake.



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