The Home Gardens

How is it a third of the way through the month!?  I’m not sure how so much time passed without me realizing it and while I have been cooking, I’m sharing images of my gardens below.  Yes, they are filed with weeds but I love them all; it brings me a great deal of joy to play in the dirt!

The flower gardens are great and blooming beautifully.  (Yes, I somehow managed to kill off a butterfly bush but the astilbe and lavender came in beautifully)


The main veggie garden is a sad mess of weeds that I’ve been ignoring…please excuse the low light photography…hence the blur.


The veggie plot for my beau is doing well! The carrots and radishes are popping up.  The herbs are finally agreeing to start and stay after the first set died in a bizarrely late cold snap and the tomatoes…they’re a little sad but have produced a whole 4 cherry tomatoes so far!

Cambridge Garden 2016.jpg


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