Citrus Shortbread Cookies


Anyone else ready for Christmas in July?  I’m sitting here thinking about why I made these cookies (my beau is very in love with all of these types of cookies: shortbread + cranberries =win) and reflecting on why I’m trying out recipes that are better suited to Christmas in the summer: getting ready for Christmas!  Maybe I’m a planner…just a little bit.  And speaking of Christmas, has anyone ever had a Christmas in July party?  I’m suddenly thinking its a brilliant idea and considering one for next year.  Snickerdoodle bars would be perfect along with potato pancakes and kielbasa on the grill.  Please note that potato pancakes do not belong on the grill but would be wonderful to eat kielbasa with…maybe we should just have kielbasa sandwiches using toasted potato rolls?  Shrimp skewers and caprese salad to acknowledge some of the dishes I eat every Christmas in their summer time form…next year!

Getting back to the cookies at hand, these guys crumble a bit.  We found out the hard way that they aren’t great travel cookies.  Insta-crumbs.  They’re perfect for platters but break down fairly quickly if they aren’t kept fairly steady.  The biggest change I made to the recipe was to use all the zest of an orange.  It was way too overpowering.  Almost cloyingly sweet for me.  My love thought that the sweetness level was perfect because its not from the sugar and happens to be paired with tart craisins.  When I make these again, it’ll be with double the batter and the same amount of orange zest as I had this time around.  I’m fairly certain its more than the recipe calls for, but I really do enjoy the scent of all that orange zest in these cookies!

I wonder what would happen if I switched out the orange zest for lime zest…next time, perhaps?


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