Snickerdoodle Bars

I will pretty much try anything snickerdoodle cookie related so when I found a recipe courtesy of Smitten Kitchen where I could make a new version in a bar form, I was completely and utterly sold.  Wrap it up and I’ll take it – these were no exception!  The original recipe can be found in her book but there are a few copies wandering around the internet.

The most challenging part of the whole process is making sure that the top is cooked enough without over-cooking it.  That, and spreading it over the pan evenly.  Neither batter is very fluid and both are sticky.  Believe the recipe when it says to scoop out dollops then spread the batter out.  The dollop-then-scoop method makes your life a whole lot easier.  I may or may not know from experience…

Final notes: this recipe is super tasty.  I’ll still go with a more traditional cookie at Christmas time for holiday platters but something about gooey cinnamon just says love to me so I have a feeling I’ll break these bad boys out in February again.  And maybe October if I get impatient…  They are a bit addictive… I think that the top batter needs to fully cool to get the full gooey effect so have some patience!    Not that I did that; I had a hard time putting them down once I started digging into them so be aware!



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