Lemon and Lime Granita

Goodness has it been hot recently!  After spending a bit too much time in the heat watching Melissa D’Arabian cook I decided to try making a granita.  While she made a mocha granita, I decided to peruse my cookbooks and found a recipe for lime granita in Mourad: New Moroccan since coffee and I do not agree.  I’m pretty sure this is the perfect summertime treat: minimal work, cool and refreshing and a refreshing alternative to ice cream!



1 cup fruit juice

zest as available

2 cups water

3 Tbsp honey (to taste!)



Stir together in a square 9 inch pan and cool in the fridge.  Transfer to freezer.  After an hour, break apart the ice much like you would pulled chicken or pork: run the fork along the surface of the ice to break it up into crumbles.  Return to the freezer for another half an hour.  Crumbled the ice again with a fork and serve as ready.  (Unless you’re like me and not sure its quite ready.  I continued to freeze the ice overnight and enjoyed a frozen treat throughout the next day!)

Notes: I used a mixture of lemon and lime juice and cooled the mixture during the day then transferred to the freezer to finish it off as I was getting dinner ready.  Its also a bit time intensive due to all the in’s and out’s at the freezer.  Worst comes to worst, you’re left with a really taste slushie so it all works out!  Believe me, the first time I took this out of the freezer, I considered going the slushie route…




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