Butternut Squash Cake


My search for the next best method for eating butternut squash is never ending.  This time I made up a ‘breakfast’ bar that gets gobbled up over at Morning Glory Farms (as a pumpkin version).  I’ve tinkered a bit with the recipe slightly and I have to say that its a great dessert to bring to potlucks.  Maybe you could even wait for the fall (unlike me)?  This butternut squash cake will be even better after the summer heat!

The good, the bad, the ugly?  The good: the recipe’s bones were solid.  Essentially all it needed was a bit of salt.  The bad: you cannot skip the frosting.  It is entirely necessary.  Make it all or don’t make it at all.  The ugly: there was no salt in the original recipe.  Anywhere.  Adding it to the frosting makes it almost caramelized in flavor.  Its pretty darn tasty that way!



ps.  The shortening is delightful – it makes the very top of the frosting just slightly crisp as it sits a bit.  Believe me, I was weary of this frosting but am delighted by the combo of the cake and frosting together.


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