Seattle Foodscene

Just about a year ago my beau and I returned from our honeymoon in Seattle.  Being sentimental, I started going through the photos (and it may have helped that they still need to be put into a photo album…)  Either way, there were a ton of food shots so I thought I’d share a few:

So where were our favorites? Dahlia’s Bakery for breakfast sandwiches, the Crumpet Shop for people watching, Quinn’s for dinner and Molly Moon’s for ice cream.  Although that being said, we didn’t try anyplace else for ice cream and we tried plenty others for all sorts of meals.  Our favorite thing to do was happy hour.  Reasonably priced and reasonably timed considering they start at about the time New England happy hours end…

Favorite individual items?  Well, I’d go back to get the milkshakes at 8oz Burger and Co, burgers at Damn the Weather and breakfast sandwiches at Dahlia’s.  Seriously.  Dahlia’s Bakery for breakfast was one of my favorite things.  And even though we tried all sorts of sweets from them, I still prefer their breakfast sandwiches.  I’m pretty sure that they won’t let me back into the city if I say that I preferred the doughnuts at the market so I won’t…


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