Sweet Dreams for Little Elliot


With all of the warm weather recently, I’ve been diverting my attention away from the hot stove to some “spring” cleaning and completing home-made gifts.  After summer came on so strongly, I started working on projects that wouldn’t increase the temperature inside!  I’ll spare you the chaos but am delighted to share my most recently completed project: a baby blanket for a special little guy name Elliot. (Please note: every time I think about the name, I hear my beau imitating E.T. saying “ELLLLIIIOOOOOOT”.  The imitation is a hold-over from when his parents considered naming him Elliot around the same time as E.T. entered theaters.)

The blanket itself should be warm and cozy whenever Elliot is ready for it – it has a fleece body with a special crocheted insert.  The insert has a couple different stitches and is where I learned/practiced how to do a basic Tunisian crochet.  I folded over the edges of the fleece fabric then machine sewed everything in place before stitching over the edges to make sure everything was a little more even in appearance; no walker-foot meant I was free-wheeling it a bit with no presser-foot at all!  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out in the end.

My friends recently welcomed their newest addition to their family a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier for them!  Welcome to the world, Elliot!  May you have the sweetest of dreams!


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