Home-made Stock


Ever consider of putting together your own home-made stock?  There are a couple ways to go about it.  For the one you see here, I set a ham bone on the stove for several hours with onion peels, half a carrot, some herbs (peppercorns, bay leaf, cloves, fennel) and added water until the ham was covered/began to float.  As it broke down while cooking, I flattened out to match the amount of liquid I lost to evaporation (I kept the lid on while simmering the stock).  This particular version yielded about a quart and a half of stock that congealed after cooling in the fridge.


In addition to this one, I have a stock pile of veggie bits in the freezer waiting until I have a large stockpile of them so that I can make a veggie broth.  What do I collect?  Woody parts of herbs, kale stems, asparagus ends, onion and carrot peels, pea shells, and whatever I come across.  In the summer I’ve made stocks from corn husk.  Maybe I should consider butternut squash in the winter?  I can say that I’ll probably continue to avoid potato peels, fruit and veggies like cucumbers.  Oh, and citrus peels.  The potatoes because they’re extremely starchy and citrus because I’ve have poor results after trying to use them in the past.  It was really bad.




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