Avocado Cheesecake

I grabbed one or two extra avocados at the market because they looked extra good that day and I promised myself that I would use them up before I made them into some sort of baked bread.  These were just good enough to make into avocado cheesecake!

While making this, I tried the batter.  Super weird.  Do not try it until you’ve cooled it in the refrigerator!  The avocado taste mellows out and many of the AllRecipe commentators say that it starts to taste like a key lime pie.  Maybe not but its good enough reason for me to add lime zest the next time I made it!  And I probably will since the crust is the only part that needs to be baked.  You don’t need to wait 6 hours for this sucker to cool in the oven followed by another how-many-ever in the fridge.  Its perfect for summer!  That being said, I’ll be sticking with my traditional cheesecakes in the winter!

ps.  There are actually a few other avocado cheesecake recipes out there on the internet.  I chose the one I shared because it most closely matched the ingredients that I had in the fridge.  Some day I’ll try this Avocado Lime Cheesecake. The challenge: you need an ice cream maker.  While its something I dream about, its not in my near future.  Until then, I might just spice my next avocado cheesecake with lime zest.


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