Home-made Guacamole (and Tacos!)


I tried something entirely  new for me!  Making guacamole at home was such a wonderful way to use a few last avocados that I grabbed from my mom’s pantry.  They were only their last legs but certainly good enough to make into guac!


My notes:  The biggest thing to take notice of is that I kept the pits in with the guacamole.  This is something that I learned while living in Paris – one of the other students in my program had been raised in Mexico and when she came to Thanksgiving dinner she brought guacamole with the pits in the serving bowl since the pits help slow down the oxidation of the avocado.  I also made a few changes: dried herbs instead of fresh which I reconstituted in the (lemon) juice before adding in the  avocado and I didn’t use tomatoes since I knew I’d be refrigerating the dip.  Tomatoes simply do not do well in the cold.  If I knew I’d be serving this dish the same day, I’d add in the tomatoes!

This is definitely a recipe that I’ll be adding to my repertoire!


And then I made tacos!!!  I know its a little late for Cinco de Mayo but I had been craving the hard shelled tacos from my childhood.  I toasted the shells (thanks mom!), layered sour cream, chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, the guacamole I made in the morning then topped them with red peppers (if you do the same, dice the peppers).  Consider my craving fulfilled!



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