Roasted Asparagus over Lemon Risotto

I was looking for a quick and easy recipe to complement all the spring goodies that are on their way and I’m pretty sure I stumbled upon it: lemon risotto.  Lemon pairs well with spring veggies such as asparagus, peas, and ramps.  It will also pair well with summer-time grilled fish!  While I’m sure that I’ll try out quite a few of the tasty recipes I found, the smallest recipe was perfectly sized for a date night in with my beau!  Giada’s presentation is lovely as an appetizer for a small dinner party (although you’d probably have to be a chef to pull if off unless you baked the risotto like Ina Garten) but I decided to use the risotto as a base for some wonderfully fresh spring goodies.


I have to admit that I made plenty of changes: a splash more wine, a home-made pork stock that had congealed in the fridge (the best stuff!) and substituting ricotta for mascarpone plus I somehow forgot the parm at the last minute!  Oh, and I used the whole lemon.  That may be why my beau commented on there being too much lemon…  It was extra lemon-y and I do have to admit that I’m disappointed in how much it overtook the potential pork flavor but I liked how it paired with the asparagus.  I’m curious if I could  get away with water instead of stock next time to save a few pennies.  I’ll probably just use a home-made veggie stock for the next one to keep a nice depth of flavor.  After all, I’m halfway there with all the fresh veggies I’ve been using this spring!IMG_1473

All that being said, I’ll use lemon risotto as a base for other flavors.  As I said above, its a great idea to fill out a spring time meal loaded with tons of veggies or an easy side-dish to pair with fish for summer time hosting.  Chances are that I’ll try out several more recipes and up-date as I find my favorite!



  • To roast the asparagus like I did, trim off 2 inches from the bottom, coat in olive oil and a light sprinkling of salt and pepper then place in a 350F oven for about half an hour (just as long as my rice was in my pot) until a fork goes through them easily.
  • Learn more about asparagus and why they have a high cost per pound here.
  • Other variations on lemon risotto:
  1. Nigella Lawson‘s looks especially luscious with the additions of cream and an egg yolk
  2. EpiCurious has a basic recipe meant to feed a crowd (too much for an intimate date night in!)
  3. Rachel Ray‘s is by far the most adventurous with fresh herbs and pine nuts!
  4. Bon Appetit serves up another large dish, augmented by Smitten Kitchen



3 Comments Add yours

  1. That looks lovely. I need to try some roasted asparagus
    Tania @


  2. Michelle says:

    Please do! Its such a simple way to cook asparagus and is healthy to boot!


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