Afternoon Tea in the Boston Area

Afternoon tea is a beautiful thing.  Its elegant yet satisfying and encourages all sorts of levels of relaxation. After reminiscing about my honeymoon with my beau I ran across a post talking about the best high teas in Boston (or here), I decided to find a favorite or two for myself in this city!  I think this will turn out to be a blessing in disguise:  my beau and I are planning to celebrate our favorite moments by going out to tea throughout the greater Boston area this year.  And probably the next year, too…  Here’s a break-down of where we’re thinking of stopping by:

Boston Public Library’s Courtyard Restaurant:  The tea menu suits both Boston’s sensibility and specialties with sandwiches (below) and its in the BPL so the setting is fantastic.  I am beyond excited for this eventual stop!

     Lobster Salad, Lemon, Chive in Pate a Choux
     Smoked Salmon & Cured Onion with Pumpernickel
     Hard Egg Yolk, Capers, and Caraway on Rye Bread
MFA Art in Bloom Food
2016 MFA Art in Bloom tea plate.

Museum of Fine Art’s Elegant Tea in the William I. Koch Gallery: So here’s the thing – we’ve already been to this one.  I initiated my plan to visit the tea spots across Boston after spotting this when looking at Art Week events.  The museum itself was a little chaotic due to the Art in Bloom events at the museum (an annual event) but it was tons of fun to simply sit, take in the art and talk with my love over some tea in an art gallery.  Sadly the food did not match the decor and the piano sat alone in the corner for a long while.  Some of our tablemates were able to finish their meals and leave by the time the playing started.

MFA Art in Bloom Floral
Favorite floral arrangement from 2016 Art in Bloom event

The Taj Boston’s French Room: Ok, so this one seems to be on all the lists and looks perfect for an ultimate pamper session.  Dress up, feel fancy and spend some time in a gorgeous spot.  It’ll probably be a while before we make it to the Taj so that we can save a few pennies and fully enjoy the experience.

L’Espalier: Another restaurant that makes all the tea time lists yet I’m having a hard time finding a specific tea menu more recent than 2014.  At least they have a fancy brunch menu with tea on it but that simply isn’t the same thing.  Hmm…maybe it’ll come back?

The Langham: Hello old school elegance!  I’m more than happy to stick with the ‘basic’ tea menu since it has all the traditional elements; the sandwiches, scones and pastries leave me more than a little full.  For those of you looking for an extra-special version of tea, this may just be your best bet with an even more elevated menu as well.  That being said, from the images I’ve seen, the Taj still wins the atmosphere award for old-school European elegance.  I can’t wait to be able to say which I prefer after stopping by!

Abigail’s Tea Room:  Its the most basic tea of the bunch.  This is where you go to complete their tour of the Boston Tea Party experience.  Now, that may not be a bad thing.  The prices are more than reasonable, the setting is specific to the experience and its a starter tea room.  Since I love visiting historical sites, I’m pretty pumped about being able to stop by here whenever I get the chance with my beau.

Rowe’s Wharf: This is probably when I’m most excited to visit.  The menu… their sandwiches include a English pea and grilled pepper shrimp and a spring chicken with rhubarb mayonnaise, both of which sound enticing.  The view isn’t half bad, either, since it sits right on the wharf and is the perfect place to people watch in the summer or enjoy the ocean views in the winter.

I’m hoping to update this roster after visiting all the tea locations on the list!  Another long term project that I am beyond excited to share!  Know of any ‘must-visit’ tea rooms?  Share them!  After going to the The Empress Hotel while on my honeymoon (and my wedding shower at a far more relaxed tea room – Tracy’s Tea Room), I’m more than a little nostalgic when thinking about tea rooms and would love to add a few to my list for when I travel in the future!


**Please note that the top photo is from the MFA website and is an image of where the tea was located for their Art in Bloom event**




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  1. JIN says:

    My husband’s from Boston, so we go back there once in 1-2 years. Love afternoon tea, thanks for great info!

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  2. You’re lucky to have so many afternoon tea places available to you! There are only two places in our area that will serve afternoon tea for two (and a couple others you have to have a reservation for 8-10 people!) Luckily the one we’ve been to is just fabulous.

    Liked by 1 person

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