Strawberries + Shortbread Cookies

We’re just about to enter strawberry season and my beau and I will be gobbling them up at every chance we get!  My local grocer must have gotten an early batch because they were on sale when I visited today!  I love to eat seasonal treats – extra delicious and nutritious.  And while I love butternut squash (soup + baked), chili and apple pie, after a winter of enjoying these treats I’m ready for some strawberries and asparagus to help usher in the new growing season.  Oh, and peas straight from the garden!  Those are one of my newer favorites!

When my beau saw them come in the door, he knew exactly how he wanted to enjoy these sweet treats: strawberry shortcakes.  Off he went to dig up a recipe while I prepped the strawberries themselves.  I sliced about a pound of berries up, topped them with sugar and balsamic vinegar and sat them in the fridge to macerate.  Somehow shortcake turned into shortbread when my beau took over the kitchen and made up this recipe for shortbread from King Arthur Flour.  I have massive plans for the next time he makes them to have bite size pieces of shortbread, dolloped with whipped cream and topped with a strawberry!


ps. If you’re looking for something fancier to serve on Mother’s Day or afternoon tea just because its spring and the weather is perfect to have friends over, try making a strawberry shortcake cake.


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