Prepping for Easter

My beau and I are getting ready for host our first Easter!  Its kind of crazy – things worked out so that we couldn’t make the Blessing of the Baskets at home and my aunt who usually hosts Easter dinner needs to be with another part of her family so we won’t be making the trek home to celebrate with family this year.  I’m a little devastated but my beau is enthusiastic for creating our own traditions and I’m hoping its contagious!

Two-thirds of Easter Breakfast

For now, I’m trying to figure out how to get the traditional foods.  The dinner itself is pretty straight forward: ham and a pineapple stuffing.  We’ll be having a few guests over for dinner and we’re asking them to bring their favorite additions.  Breakfast is entirely different, partially because Boston is better known for its Irish and English heritage than an Eastern European heritage so its a bit of adventure trying to find what I consider to be a traditional Easter breakfast.  I’m on the hunt for some babka and Easter kielbasa. The best hint I’ve found so far is on TasteTrekkers:

 “Baltic European Deli in South Boston, Massachusetts.  This is a deli offering all things Polish.  It’s in the “Polish Triangle” section of Boston, which also includes Café Polonia and Our Lady of Czestochowa Catholic Church.

Polonus European Deli & Ice Cream in Salem, Massachusetts.  This deli is also fully stocked with Polish products.  It’s in the heart of Salem, easy to get too and just steps from the main parking garage in the city.

Karl’s Sausage Kitchen & European Market … in Peabody, Massachusetts.  Karl’s, which recently moved from Saugus to Peabody, is really a German deli and café.  All of their meats are homemade, as are many of their German delicacies.  That said, they have both smoked and fresh kielbasa, and their fresh is some of the best I’ve ever tried.

Pekarski Sausage in South Deerfield, Massachusetts.  This is just a deli, with a small amount of non-meat products.  That said, they have an excellent selection of kielbasa and other smoked and cured meats.”

I’ll be trying out Baltic Deli since its the only accessible option on the list for me.  Most likely I’ll head down there Saturday so that I can also have my basket blessed at the local Polish-heritage church at the same time.  Its all part of my Easter traditions.


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