Roasted Spagetti Squash over Chunky Tomato Sauce

My mom started cooking all sorts of squash a couple of years ago.  Ok, its been longer but I had thought that zucchini and yellow summer squash were a bit slimy and weird early on.  That must be why she didn’t introduce us to butternut squash and spaghetti squash until after I had gone to college.  We had sweet potatoes all the time…


The ‘recipe’ for this is pretty simple: cut the squash in half (I cut from end to end), scoop out the seeds and membrane attached to them (think pumpkin carving), coat the interior in oil (I chose olive oil), sprinkle with salt and pepper then bake.  If you want a quick roast to get the food on the table, you can turn the temperature up to 400F.  I did a slow roast at about 275F to allow the squash to caramelize a bit more but I also let it sit in the oven for a couple hours.  Its done cooking when you can easily poke a fork into the interior (think potatoes here!).

After the squash is baked, use a fork to scrape at the interior and it should essentially flake away into stringy lengths of squash.  As you get to the bits right next to the shell, it’ll be more of a traditional squash consistency.  I simply hid those bits under the pretty strings of ‘spaghetti’!

I was nervous to serve this to my beau – sometimes he’s picky about his veggies.  He loves to eat healthy but he needs a certain heartiness factor to his food.  While this probably won’t be a ‘once a week meal’ in my household, its really great to serve up over leftover beef ragu, bolognese sauce or extremely chunky veggie sauce.  You could probably even throw it over (or under) chicken cacciatore.  Its a great way to add variety to your diet in a really health-conscience manner!


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