Harvard’s Art Museums

Our list of items!

Did you know that anyone can request to see art?  Just look at what I went to go see when I made my request!  Ok, so this is all pretty much for my beau but I’ve got a few beauties for myself.  He’s into coins and prints.  I’m more into portraits and landscapes.  They even pulled out a few smaller Hudson Valley School paintings!  Oh, and I love Tiffany’s stained glass (didn’t request).  And I’ll be back once I’m done drooling in my dreamspace.


a close up of an Open House selection

I like going weekly to the Art Study Center’s Open Hours.  Its interesting to see what is pulled ‘at random’.  I’ve gotten to see Rembrandt up close, turn around some ancient Athenian pottery by the Providence Painter and view a few middle Eastern pieces.  Sadly, I only started bringing my camera.  I hadn’t realized that I could do so before but I’ve rectified that mistake!

Crown Princess Louise of Prussia and her sister Frederica of Mecklenbery-Strelitz as designed by Johann Gottfried Schadow

Beyond that, there is a great collections throughout the museum that I poke around for a bit every time I’m there.  I may only go through one or two rooms but that is plenty for me to slowly make my way through the museum.  That being said, they rotate their art heavily compared to most museums.  Pieces will stay out for 4-6 months before being put away for years at a time – its all about conservation here.

A room of Impressionism.  The statue is Roden, then moving left to right is a small painting by Cassatt, Victor Chocquet’s portrait by Renoir (a huge investor in the movement’s work) and a Bazille.



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