Creamy Butternut Squash Bake

I’m working on tinkering a recipe for butternut squash soup and this one just came out a little too thick for soup.  So what is a cook to do?  After a bit of wandering the internet, I decided to make a gratin!   Essentially you cover up your base with cheese, butter and breadcrumbs.  Its a great idea for anytime you want to use up a bunch of left-over potatoes, sweet potatoes or some other sort of mashed veggie.  Then again, now I’m imagining ways to make shepherd’s pie with butternut squash…why did I think of that earlier!


Essentially the recipe for this dish so that you can use up your leftovers is to coat the veggies in cheese (your call, I used swiss but would have been happy with goat cheese or cheddar for this application), top with bread crumbs and then a tablespoon or two of butter and bake until the edges are bubbling pretty much all the way around (aim for lasagna-type bubbles).  This version was topped with pepper and Tasty Burger’s special fry topper.  Not bad but I’m even more excited for this butternut squash shepherd’s pie to come to fruition now!


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