National Parks Week is Approaching!

View of Golden Gate Bridge from Alcatraz

So I wanted to share that National Park Week is coming! Its from April 16-24 this year and all the parks that may have a fee free (parks are listed here) to get into and many plan additional programs to start off the new season with a bang.  A large part of the celebration is Earth Day but its also the time of year when a lot of the homes that have been closed over the winter months are opened back up again to the public to prep for the summer travel season.

Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, NY

I’ve been to a few of the parks in the Northeast, DC and West Coast.  The image above is from the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park (another look at the park grounds when I mentioned National Trails Day).  Eleanor and Franklin D Roosevelt just happened to live ‘next door’.  Ok, so its down the street a bit but I feel fairly certain that they would have considered the properties to be neighboring.  If you’re in the city, there are plenty of places to visit as well!  NYC has Theodore Roosevelt’s Birthplace (below), Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty (finally open again after Hurricane Sandy visited) and Federal Hall (the only one I haven’t been to so far-as least as far as this list is concerned).

Boston has the city itself with a Visitor Center in Faneuil Hall as well as the Charleston Navy Yard, Longfellow House in Cambridge and the Boston Harbor Islands.  The islands are best to save for once it starts to warm up…  Seattle has the Klondike Gold Rush while San Francisco has a few of its own, too.  Other than that, I need to explore the list just as much as anyone else!  There is so much out there that we’ve preserved as a nation to reflect upon and enjoy!

Mt. Rainier, Washington





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  1. Allison Wilhite says:

    I’m a huge fan of our national parks! I did two cross-country road trips between San Diego and Baltimore, and a park pass made the trips so much more memorable. I have too many favorites: Glacier, Crater Lake, Zion & Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone, Badlands… the list goes on!


    1. Michelle says:

      Evan and I are slowly working our way through the parks! I think he rolls his eyes a little as I plan parts of trips based around getting stamps for my National Parks Passport but I love collecting them!
      Would you suggest cross-country trips for everyone? I think I’d find it challenging to be in a vehicle for that long!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Allison Wilhite says:

        Cross-country trips are definitely not for everyone, but with the right company and a flexible trip plan, they can be a fantastic way to travel and see the country! I planned my routes based on the national parks along the way and gave myself breaks from the road by visiting family or big cities. My first trip was 7 days and the second was 15 (I could have gone longer to add in Yosemite, but my trip mate was ready to get home). I hope you two can plan a trip soon!


      2. Michelle says:

        It sounds like a great way to make the trip! We’re day-trippers for the moment – the big adventure is law school!


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