Feeling at Home

I mentioned a while ago that my beau and I moved into our first home together.  It was amazing to see how many items I’ve accumulated.  And yet, the bits don’t always add up to making a home.  And yet I feel relief and a special sort of coziness every time I walk in the door.  So how does it work?  How do you make a house (or apartment) a home?  For myself, its displaying a few pieces of my life story.  Family is important to my beau and I so we have photos of ourselves, family portraits, photos of us with our siblings as we grew up, and so forth.  There’s a collage of college, a few of me growing up, a few of him, and photos that we shared at our wedding.  Those are the ones you see here.  We printed and framed our parents and grandparents wedding photos then asked family members to share their photos from their own homes at the wedding.  And now the pieces of our history became our present to celebrate our future.  I’m reminded of that every time I enter the apartment and I couldn’t be happier.


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