Challah French Toast

What is the most delicious way to use up pretty much any leftover bread?  French toast.  And challah just happens to be beautifully suited to the task.  Because this is home-made bread and wasn’t super fluffy as grocery store versions, I knew it would stand up to some soaking in an egg dip.  Thing is, it withstood it a little better than I had thought and needed a bit more of a dip than the 2 minutes per side I gave it the first time I made this recipe (the one you see in the photos).  Here’s the solution: soaking the bread over night.  Now, I’ve professed my love for French toast casserole but there is another way if everyone wants to have an individual sliced that’s been cooked up just for them.  Enter Flour Bakery (yes, I’m minorly obsessed but if you have experienced them, you know why and if you haven’t and happen to be in Boston you should seriously consider it).IMG_0559

Here’s the catch:  to make this recipe you need a sturdy bread like my home-made challah.  I’ve made it before and had to use a fish spatula to move it about.  This time, I just picked up the slices and places them in my Le Creuset.  Why?  Because it had to go in the oven and I had no other stove-top pieces that would transfer easily.  The results weren’t pretty this time but they were pretty darn tasty.  That being said, they should come out looking a lot like what I have posted here.

So how do you make overnight French Toast?  Slice the bread to about 3/4″ thick, layer it in a covered casserole dish as a single layer and cover it in the same mixture as the casserole.  The next morning all or most of the egg should have been absorbed and you can either do as I did and quickly fry it in butter on one side then transfer the dish into the oven or fry the slices in batches then transfer them into a baking sheet (single layer) until everything is nice and brown then bake the golden delights for 8-10 minutes at 350F.  Its the perfect dish to lure everyone out of bed on a weekend morning by sipping your tea and flipping French toast.


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