Challah Bread from Scratch

I have a wonderful beau.  He bakes.  He bakes good stuff.  Then I eat this good stuff and share it with you.  It is a delicious job and I’m happy to have it!  This time, he made challah from scratch to bring to a pot-luck party.  I was out of town so I asked him to save me a loaf…so I could make French toast!  For now, though, the bread itself:


He found the recipe on the Kitchn.  No comments from the baker himself beyond the fact that it took longer to bake than anticipated.  That is our oven’s fault, not the recipes.  After four batches of pizza, he’s finally settled on the ‘proper’ temperature: 500F.  It was 400F in the gas stove in Ithaca…

My thoughts on the bread:  it needed flavor somewhere.  More eggs? Salt?  Oats?  I’m not sure – it just needed something.  Wiki says that recent loaves replace Modern recipes may replace “white flour with whole wheat, oat, or spelt flour or sugar with honey or molasses“.  The other commentary is that salt is essential.  So I’m guessing my beau used sea salt instead of iodized salt.  Which means about half the salt called for by the recipe made it in.  Next time!  Because there will definitely be a next time so that I can make French toast again!


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