Flourless Chocolate Cake

Flourless Chocolate Cake topped with Ganache – Look at that luscious goodness

Anyone else in need of a bit of a chocolate high?  While I’m pretty sure my favorite part of this cake is the ganache (and licking whatever I used to stir or spread the ganache), I love serving up a nice slice of this cake and listening to the sounds of pure joy that erupt when people take their first bit.

My beau started making this for me when we were first dating.  After raving about it for s couple years, we now get a plenty of requests to make this cake for those extra special people in our lives.  This cake is rich enough that eating it 3 or 4 times a year is plenty for me.  Don’t worry, though, now I get chocolate lava cake for my birthday and Valentine’s Day.

So how is it put together?  The same classic elements found in the Chocolate Terrine that I made a while ago from a Flour recipe but with a slightly different recipe my beau found on All Recipes.  There are a couple of significant differences:  The recipe we use has 3 times the amount of chocolate, it doesn’t wait for the chocolate to cool and instead uses the butter to do the work of time, and it dissolves the sugar in the water which contributes to a smooth texture texture.  To top it all off, ganache is poured over the top using this recipe after the cake is released from the pan.  I view this step as essential. Mostly because its my favorite part.

A few suggestions:

  • Use a spring-form or silicone pan
  • If you’re using a spring-form pan, wrap it in tin foil all the way up the sides of the pan
  • Butter the pan *well* to help remove the cake
  • Run a hair dryer over the bottom of the pan if its not releasing
  • Finally, be very glad that the ganache hides any flaws that might have happened when trying to remove the cake from the pan

Notice a theme?  This cake may give you a bit of difficulty when trying to remove it.  Just know that we’ve all been there and that it results in delicious fingers to clean up before you rinse them off in the sink…  Although this may have more to do with the fact that we tend to make this cake day-of instead of letting it cool in the fridge overnight…


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    1. Michelle says:

      Its every bit of rich, chocolate-y goodness you could want! To top it off, you only need a sliver of cake to be satisfied to you can feed this single layer cake to far more people that you would imagine. I want to say that we generally end up with about 15-16 slices depending on how its cut and even those are deemed generous sized portions.


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