Yarn Stash

My crafting hobbies tend to involve yarn.  So I have a decent stash of both.  Exhibit A and B (of yarn) are pictured here.

Exhibit B.  Note that none of the yarn that’s on the table is in these bins. L to R: Made sweaters, planned sweaters, planned blankets.

It was time to organize.  6 buckets worth.  Everything (almost) is now up on Ravelry; pictures, info and location.  The project definitely stressed the need keep up my yarn outtake with intake.  I also learned that I have way more single skeins that I had thought.  And that I tend to purchase alpaca…1.5 bins of alpaca or partial-alpaca alone.  Ok, so I knew that it’d be bad but maybe not that bad.  To top it off: my cotton yarns aren’t even in my storage buckets because moths have little to no interest in them.

So what do I have?  A bucket of sweaters (thank-you shout-out to my sister for most of those!).  A small project bucket and two large project buckets.  One for alpaca.  One for madelinetosh, Swans Island and Decadent Fibers.  That bucket is more than half madtosh.  Its impressive and intimidating at the same time.  Time to go off and figure out what I’m going to make with all this yarn…


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