Seven Layer Bars (Magic Bars)

IMG_0398Favorite cookie ever.  They are beyond additive for me…  Ok, there are madeleines – those are additive, too.  The problem is that madeleines really are best straight out of the oven.  These you can have a couple days after they are baked (as if they last that long).  At least until I learn how to make macaroons… The coconut kind.  The brightly colored macarons in bakery windows hold little interest for me.  Heresy, I know.  (I love these macarons that I found in Flour’s cookbook, though!)


And now that I’ve figuratively chased my tail, let’s talk about seven layer bars, aka Magic Bars.  My love for them aside (and these do get devoured), they are about as simple to make as possible and they serve a crowd well.  So how do you make them?  Well, you layer the seven ingredients:

  1. Graham crackers (1.5 cups crushed aka 1.5 packages or half a box)
  2. Butter (1 stick, melted)
  3. Butterscotch chips (6 oz, the old version of half a bag)
  4. Chocolate Chips (6 oz, see #3)
  5. Walnuts bits (1 cup)
  6. Shredded, sweetened coconut (or generally half a bag)
  7. Sweetened Condensed milk (14 oz)

Add the crushed graham crackers to the butter, stir to mix then transfer to a 13×9″ pan and pack the crumbs into place to make a crust.  Layer every thing else onto the crust evenly and bake at 350F for 25-30 minutes.  You’re looking for a golden color on the edges of the pan (mine went a little further than I normally like them to but as you can see, they”re being gobbled up pretty fast).  Ok, I’m off to finish the rest of the pan before someone comes home and beats me to it!


ps.  I used peanut butter chips in these because its what was in the pantry (I’ll be sticking with butterscotch next time).  You could easily switch out the butterscotch chips for white chocolate, walnuts for pecans, graham crackers for speculoos or shredded coconut for shaved coconut flakes to get a more sophisticated cookie.  Speaking of which, I may have just given myself a few ideas for next time!

pps. Make your own walnut pieces with this handy contraption.  I generally end up breaking them up with my hands but used a nut grinder as a kid.


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