Lemon Ricotta Muffins


As I started blogging again, I added a few blogs to my reading rotation.  One of them is A Spoon Full of Sugar.  They’re pretty infrequent but post some gems like these lemon ricotta muffins by Giada DeLaurentiis.  For some reason I decided I had to make them and waited until there was a small break in the sweets department.

To make these, I followed the directions!  It just works out better with baked goods…  The only changes I’d consider would be adding more lemon zest (it’s lightly scented) if I wanted it to ‘compete’ with a stronger flavoring.


That being said, why make these something other than what they are?  They’d be beautifully paired with fruit and a little bit of whipped cream and berries for a breakfast ‘dessert’ at the end of a fancy breakfast or when you’re hosting.  The commentary on the recipe says to serve them warm or at room temp.  When they are eaten warm and fresh out-of-the-oven, they are soft nummies whereas the next morning they created a beautiful crust on top which they magically retained!!!  For anyone who’s ever eaten leftover banana bread knows what I’m talking about.  Oven-fresh it has a wonderful crust whereas the next day its just soft.  Yummy but missing that beautiful texture.  Not with this muffin!  Yes, the overall muffin is more crumbly and much crunchier on top than banana muffins.

PS. If you feel like the citrus-scent is gone, warm them up a little bit.  While it won’t be as strong as the citrus cake earlier this week, that isn’t the point of this muffin.  Its simply a gentle reminder of a warm sun.


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