Citrus Yogurt Cake

Orange yogurt cake

What do you do with too much yogurt that’s near its expiration date?  You take inspiration from Ina Garten and make yogurt cake!  The first time I made the cake, I made a few slight adjustments.  Mostly thanks to not reading the recipe well enough.  Fortunately I was in good company, making the same mistakes others had made (thank you to all the people giving feedback in the comments!).  Essentially, I mixed the juice that was supposed to go on top of the cake *after* baking into the cake batter.  At least I think that was a wrong step…  It came out a little dark along the edges meaning that the dark pan I used may not be the best option.  The one thing I really didn’t like about the cake was that it seemed oily  so the second time I made the cake, I ‘creamed’ the sugar and oil instead of incorporating the oil as a final ingredient.  It fixed everything!  The color was lighter on the outside, it had a crunchier crust on top and no more oily texture.  Since I reserved the juice of the citrus (lemons this time!), I was able to make the syrup that went on top.  Wow was that an extra punch.  Pretty sure it doesn’t need it if you want to eat the cake on its own as a little snack but…

Lemon yogurt cake

I think the best way to serve the orange cake is to top it with a cranberry whipped cream.  The lemon cake would be great served as a dessert over a berry coulis (4 berry or raspberry, I think) and topped with fruit to match.

The last few comments: this isn’t a super sweet dessert.  At least not the way I made it, omitting the sugar toppings.  With the topping, its a bit sweeter but its more about the fruit flavor coming through.  I’ll probably keep this in my repertoire for summer hosting but for more day to day snacking, I’ll stick with a ricotta lemon muffin that I’ll be sharing later this week.



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  1. Kat Got Your Tongue says:

    Looks so delicious!! I love Ina Garten 🙂


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