Mushroom Quinoa

IMG_1941Christmas Day after all the presents were unwrapped and thanks were given all around (home-made mitts, CDs and some chocolate goodies for me!) my family finished prepping to go over to my aunts house for my favorite dinner at their house yet!  Scallops, stuffed sole (my fav of the day), stuffed oysters, stuffed shrimp, green bean casserole, potatoes, sweet potatoes completely forgotten, bread, meatballs, pasta, probably a few I’m forgetting and this dish.  My mom handed this recipe to me along with some cooked quinoa and went off to finish getting ready.  My instructions were to remain fairly faithful to the recipe; mom gave me onions to cook up after the mushrooms were heated…

IMG_1943 My comments: the onions were an insightful addition.  Definitely keeping that one.  Add more mushrooms if you like them.  I ended up adding an extra 50% to what the recipe called for.  Make sure you use an olive oil that you like the taste of because you will notice the oil – it acts as the bit of moisture in this dish.  I will seriously consider deglazing the pan next time to make sure I get all of the tasty bits off the bottom (idea courtesy of the recipe I tried from Smitten Kitchen recently).  Finally, fresh thyme is out of season so I used dried thyme and I want to try with fresh to determine which I prefer.  Still, this one is a keeper.


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