French Toast Casserole

I absolutely love making basic dishes even simpler.  This version of French Toast is fantastic because I can whip it up the night before and bake it off the next day.  Its perfect for hosting or attending brunch at someone else’s home because it bakes while I get ready.  Yes, its far more likely that the beau is the one pre-heating the oven and putting the toast into the oven while I sleep as long as possible but how can he say no? The prep work is done – just pop it into the oven!

IMG_1912This time was a little different.  I was working on the pumpkin bread recipe and ended up with muffins that were slightly dry (I ran out of AP flour and used whole wheat).  Whoops!  On top of that, my mom had made brownies with apple sauce to replace the oil.  Weirdest texture ever.  My thoughts:  hide the flaws and end up with something potentially better than ever.

My theory worked!  The French Toast had a super chocolaty and rich flavor.  The weird texture of the brownies and the dryness of the whole wheat muffins were gone!  While you can’t eat brownies for breakfast ever day, this is a great way to use up the batch that just didn’t bake quite as well as expected!

ps. no photos of the French Toast Casserole since it was eaten too fast/baked at night…


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