Chocolate Espresso Terrine

IMG_0188One of my sisters recently had a birthday so I hunted around for a chocolate cake.  Lo and behold, the first book I went into had a chocolate flourless cake.  The recipe even called for espresso, which my sister loves (and the rest of us avoid).  I’m game!  The recipe comes from Flour, Too and we’re told that this particular cake is served at Myers and Chang.  As my sister and I are both fans of Flour, I jumped right in to making this cake by searching for ingredients where-ever I could find them:  her secret stash of instant expresso, mom’s pans and Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate and a quick run to the store to grab unsweetened chocolate.

Making this cake was pretty simple even though it required some more “complicated” steps: double boiler to melt the chocolate and butter, grease and line the pan, wait around a bit before adding in the eggs so they wouldn’t scramble (perfect time to prep the pan), baking the cake in a water bath  and letting everything cool before placing the cake into the fridge overnight to cool.  It was easier than I thought it was going to be.

IMG_0184The final product.  Its a bit grainy and too bitter for my tastes.  I have a feeling that a fine texture is relatively challenging to achieve with this recipe since the recipe itself mentioned steps (that I followed) to avoid a grainy texture.  The bitterness is probably the espresso coming through.  Its a preference thing.  For now – and let’s be real, most likely forever – I’ll be sticking to the family recipe from the curly haired people across the pond.  They live across the street from my beau’s parents and practically adopted him.  They share a love of chocolate with his family.


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