Butternut Squash and Potato Soup

How do you make butternut squash soup creamy without using cream?  Rachel Ray has one solution (and the world): Potatoes!  My beau ended up making the first round of the soup to host for some friends.  We had a lot of potatoes to use up so the recipes were changed slightly.

Before (My beau dropped a butternut squash on the floor so when I asked him to mark it to show that it should be used sooner, the squash got some attitude!)

The one big change I asked him to make was to roast the squash rather than peeling and cubing.  Its more flavorful and soooo much easier to scoop out the innards.  Anything you can do to make hosting easy is a win in my book.  The beau’s big deviation was to use bunches of potatoes since we had them in stock at the apartment.  The inspiration recipe came from All Recipes.


The beau’s guidelines:

2 medium butternut squash

1 5-lb bag of Russet Potatoes

2 qts veggie stock

a bunch of carrots and onions

spices (Herbe de Provence and pepper were the likely contenders)

The butternut squash were halved, cleaned out, oiled (olive oil), and roasted at 400F until tender.  They were then allowed to cool until we needed to add them to the soup at the end.  All the other veggies were cut into rounds and cooked until tender.  When this happened, the butternut squash was added and then everything was blended with a stick blender.

The good: it was rich and creamy.  Very hearty, quick and easy.  The bad:  more potato than I wanted.  The ratios of the squash and potatoes should probably need to (essentially) be reversed.  Its a fairly easy fix.

ps.  I added some more veggies to the leftovers.  By roasting off another butternut squash, two sweet potatoes, two onions and a couple of carrots then pureeing them with a bit of stock and apple cider I made the soup super rich and sweet tasting.  Bread is definitely required and I would suggest going a bit heavy with the salt and pepper when roasting the veggies because their flavor is absorbed by the potatoes just like it would be with cream in the soup.


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