Beaujolais for Thanksgiving

Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp with a Cranberry Dijon Sauce. Paired with a Beaujolais wine.

Ever go into a wine store and walk around thinking that its all too much?  Yep.  And Thanksgiving is hard enough without visiting the store only to end up staring at a wall of wines.  This year, consider trying Beaujolais.  Why?

  1. Paris just celebrated Beaujolais Noveau Day.  Yes, the people are  mourning after the attacks all across the city but it was done as an act of defiance.  The city will remain alive and choosing this wine is one way to show your support.
  2. Beaujolais Noveau is low in tannins!  That means even a white wine girl like me can appreciate (read: drink and like) this wine!
  3. Thanksgiving is meant to celebrate the year’s harvest and Beaujolais is exactly that: it is best consumed the same year as the grapes are harvested.
  4. The Crus are a little older.  Same region, same grapes,  just more tannins.  This one would make the red wine drinkers in my family very happy.  Bonus: this one ages well so it can be saved for next year.

The wine at the top of the post is a Beaujolais-Villages.  All that means is that its from a defined area.  I had a  with the appetizer course when my beau surprised me with last week but the teacher let us know that it would be good throughout the entire meal.  Hopefully I made one of your Thanksgiving dinner decisions a little easier!


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