Dear Tea Bag,

Tea by Good Earth.  The Sweet and Spicy is my go-to winter tea.  The mug is by Abby Berkson.

Dear Tea,

Thank you for being my fortune cookie today!

Essentially my tea bag tab let me know that I must:

“Always bear in mind that your resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.” -Abraham Lincoln

Sometimes you just need a kick in the butt.  Plus an awesome reminder that your actions add up.  Intention guides actions, thoughts, and purpose.  (Thank you, Oprahthe quick version) Vocalizing my dream job to my network was my first step.  Done.  I am increasing my possibilities.  I would like to think that a recent job posting appeared because after months of searching, I’m finally ready to take whatever leap I need to in order to make it work.  Only time will tell.  Still, my fingers are crossed.

Beyond work life, I really do need to make a few resolutions.  Intentions.  Then keep following where they lead.  I want to finish more crochet projects.  Plenty of recipes to try out.  French classes to take (I miss the city after living there while studying abroad in college) and I miss having any sort of real fluency in the language after studying it for *years* in school.  Clearing out the clutter.  I’m no-where near ready for the Marie Kondo method but I love the idea of thanking an item for being part of your life when you needed it.  It actually has helped me part with a few items.  My personal definition of success!

The final intention: defining success for myself.  I want to be like my beau’s grandparents if/when I hit 80 years old.  They were so comfortable in themselves and the decisions they had made.  I want that for myself and the people in my life.  My guess is that intentions and the resolution to succeed will get me there.


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