Corn Challenge 2015: Chilled Corn Custard

Corn custard topped with tomatoes tossed in EVOO, salt and pepper
Corn custard topped with tomatoes tossed in EVOO, salt and pepper

So, the next corn challenge recipe is the Chilled Corn Custard.  My first thought when I saw this one in the edible Boston Sweet Corn magazine was that it would make a great light lunch or appetizer for dinner.  Just look at the tomatoes on top of the custard!  The biggest problem I had with making this recipe was forgetting to blend and strain the corn before adding in the eggs.  Whoops.  Fortunately doing things out of order didn’t seem to have negatively impacted the final results.  The custard is creamy and incredibly sweet.  All the sweetness is from the corn!  No sugar added and its still super sweet!  I also love that I was able to use up some of the tomatoes from my garden.  That can be a challenge all its own in the summer.  Having a new dish in my back pocket, even if its labor intensive, to give a slightly different spin to all those fresh, summertime tomatoes is phenomenal.  And this one is definitely labor intensive and time intensive.  It essentially takes all day to make, in large part because you need to wait for the corn broth + corn to cool to room temp before you can add the eggs into the mixture before baking.  Lesson of the day: transfer that sucker out of your cast iron to a mixing bowl so it has a hope of cooling down!  Once I transferred the corn, the process was still slow but I could actually tell the liquid was cooling down.  You’ll be in the kitchen on and off all day but the actual hands on time is pretty limited; its a recipe you can prep on the weekend for weeknight dinners or the day before a big hosting gig while you run around cleaning.

So will I make it again?  Maybe.  The beau definitely will.  Its more his type of dish.  Its excellent for impressing guests and it *needs* to be prepared ahead of time so it can cool down in the fridge.  Essentially, the best part about this dish is that its one less thing to do the day-of before guests come over!  That, and the fact that its an impressive dish to show off some cooking chops.


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