Corn Challenge 2015: Corn Cake

Corn cake cooling on the window sill.
Corn cake cooling on the window sill.

The corn continues!  The next dish in the edible Boston sweet corn-athon is a corn bread.  Fair warning: this is a sweet cornbread with a fair amount of sugar in it.  The Corn Cake almost feels like a fluffly relative of pound cake.  Its sweet, a bit savory and feels creamy as if it has a ton of butter in it.  Do not let this fool you!  Its just EVOO!  Yes, I changed the recipe but  only a tiny bit!  It calls for a 1:2 fat blend of olive oil to vegetable oil so I nixed the veggie oil and went all the way with EVOO.  I also chose to go with the all cornmeal option instead of a mix of cornmeal and corn flour but the recipe said I could!  Its just an ease of use thing.  My pantry had cornmeal from Plimoth Plantation already.  It was a souvenir from a trip there last summer when the beau gave a talk at our alma mater and I have to say that I’m loving my choice!  Other than that, the bake time took longer than expected but its a new oven so we’re getting used to its kinks.

The verdict: this is definitely a cake that will make it into the rotation.  I can easily use that one ear of corn that just didn’t get eaten at dinner and almost all the other ingredients are pantry staples.  Huge bonus.  On top of that, its super easy, tastes buttery and warm and the beau will not let me eat a slice on my own.  Seriously.  Follows me around with an open mouth for another bite.  That’s the only reason I need to justify making this tasty cake again!


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