Fresh, Roasted Tomato Sauce

I decided to go out on the limb and try roasting my summer, vine-ripened tomatoes so that I could get my beau to eat one of my favorite summer time products!  He’s usually up for anything and everything but he’s just not that into tomatoes.  He’ll have the meaty ones of summer in a salad but don’t even try to get anything but tomato sauce by him come winter!  So I decided it was time to try out roasting them!

Dinner for two. Made up just the way each of us likes it.
Dinner for two. Made up just the way each of us likes it.

I roasted two pints worth of tomatoes.  I think.  Definitely a full sheet tray.  I decided to roast a head of garlic while I was at it.  Please note that it was a tiny head!  Maybe half a head’s worth of a good sized head.  Just thing, leftovers to spread onto bread tomorrow!  Just cut up the tomatoes into similar sizes, cover with olive oil, salt and pepper and throw into the oven to 425F until the tomatoes are starting to brown.  The garlic was put into foil and topped with the same and baked until the last minute.

Tomatoes pre-oven

While this was going on, I chopped and sauteed a head of onion with olive oil and pepper.  I would have added a few crushed chili flakes if I had them but they just aren’t in the pantry right now.  Once the onions were almost there, I cooked up some rigatoni.  Feel free to use whatever pasta floats your boat!  I’d suggest something with ridges to hold onto the chunky bits.  As the pasta drained, I just added the tomatoes to the onions, squeezed the cloves are garlic out of their shells and onto the tomatoes, stirred, added in the pasta and was finished.

Essentially this meal worked out to be a bunch of chopping followed by cooking as soon as the ingredient was ready.  Next time I make the dish it will go: garlic, onions, tomatoes.  Next up: pick our your pasta.  Cook it and add stuff to the pot once the onions are ready.  Make sure to add to tomato juices to the pot! Add the pasta last and once its added you are all ready to serve!

Since I love saucy dishes but have a tiny appetite for his, I dished out his first and then took all the tomatoes at the bottom.  I was one happy girl!  This is definitely a summer dish that is perfect as you listen to those summer crickets!


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