Les Fruits Rouges :

I fell in love with this sauce when I was living in Paris.  “Les Fruits Rouges” on the menus everywhere – on ice cream and creme brulee, in frosting and pastries, basically where-ever they can come up with an excuse to put the mixed fruits.  Traditionally, les fruits rouges refers to a combination of currents, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.  When I found currants at the farmer’s market, I knew that I had to make a sauce with them!  Especially when all the other berries were in the fridge at home!
The jam was made of 2 cups of each type of berry.  The blueberries and raspberries are easy – just toss them into the pot.  The currents need to be picked off the stems while the strawberries need to be cored and cut into chunks.  Add in the juice from one lemon and four cups of sugar and you are ready to turn on the heat to make the sauce!
The berries all prepped for sauce-making!
The berries all prepped for sauce-making!
Constantly stir the berries or the sauce will burn on the bottom of the pot.  Once everything seems to be broken down, start putting a spoon and small plate to test how done the sauce is.  This will tell you the final consistency of the sauce (or jam if you cook it longer) once it is actually canned and cooled.  My beau helped me out with this since he is the canner in the family.  Aka he took over this part of the process.  Usually the canning involves habenaros so I exit the kitchen to avoid being pepper-sprayed by his jam.  I am serious too.  Its happened to me before.  When it happened to him (second or third time he made the jam), he broke down and bought a gas mask.  Can’t say he wasn’t warned after he tortured me…

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