Adventure: Adirondack Adventures

Hanging on for dear life.  The skater bridge was the most terrifying one of the all the courses for me.
Hanging on for dear life. The skating (think skate-board) bridge was the most terrifying one of the all the courses for me.

My little sister lives in Albany so my middle sister and I decided to visit her this past weekend.  Sadly, Albany isn’t exactly adventure-inducing so we generally hang out, eat food and watch movies.  We wanted to do something a little more exciting.  Just north of the city there are a couple ropes course facilities.  The little one has been to both facilities but has been to Adirondack Adventures only once whereas she’s been to the other one three times (all four times through a school sponsored program).  Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course it was.  Variety is the spice of life, right?

One of the 'easy' bridges'
One of the ‘easy’ bridges’ on the black course

It was fun.  It was exhilarating.  It was exhausting.  Its been a whole day since we were on the adult version of a jungle gym and we’ve decided to avoid raising our heads is no longer a good idea.  Our muscles are rebelling.  Yesterday was so worth it though.  The zip lines were the best.  The bridges were the worst.  The rock walls were too easy.  The “Leap of Faith” was too hard.  I decided not to do it.  Swinging across on a rope had already proven impossible for me on one of the easier courses.  My sisters were able to hang onto the rope on the prior course so they went through with the Leap and survived!  Barely…  Their arms were jello for the second half of that course.  I have come to the conclusion that I need to visit kiddie jungle gyms as part of my exercise routine.  I started running (walking half the time if I’m being 100% honest) about two months ago after ignoring the concept of exercise after graduating high school.  I’ve got a great foundation for my muscles but I’m so out of shape its not even funny.  Time to remedy that.  This adventure was part of that.  And it was fun.  And I’m totally doing it again.  But the black course is going to be on hold for a couple of visits.  I’d like to have a little more confidence with swinging in the trees before I try to be the half-monkey/half-human that would make the course a little more fun.


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