Recent Reads: I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This

I know, who wants to admit that they are reading a self-help book  but I think I’m a little addicted right now.  This one is meant to guide women through their careers to achieve a state of fulfillment. The other book I just finished is Suze Orman’s Woman and Money.  I Shouldn’t Be Telling you This was written by Kate White, the Editor-In-Chief of Cosmo Magazine.  Its well written in the sense that its encouraging and anecdotal.  She is a writer with a warm and engaging personality who works hard at explaining how she and other women have found their ‘perfect’ jobs.

I found that her encouragement to just go out and live life aided in starting this blog, starting exercising and reaching out to people I haven’t heard from in a while.  Once she discusses how life leads you to become the person you are meant to be, she goes on to discuss how to guide your career so that you make the most of it and reach your highest potential.  It gives relatively specific suggestions and hints on how to be a stronger employee but I found that her recommendations on life as a whole more inspiring.  I enjoyed it as a book to pick up and read a chapter before falling to sleep because it gave me something to contemplate as I fell asleep.  I recommend the first couple chapters if you need some help getting out of a rut (due to boredom), the middle section is good for career advice on how to get ahead, and the last few chapters are simply suggestions on how to live life.  Why am I suggesting the book?  Because this is a person who seems to live what she believes and she has gotten pretty far with theories.  The goal in life is to enjoy  most of the activities you do – and this book is a great motivator for young women (all women) finding where they belong in life.


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