Travel: NYC for the Day

Highline Park, NYC
Highline Park, NYC
Highline Park, NYC
Highline Park, NYC

I am so excited to share my day-trip to the Big Apple!  It was the perfect city-girl-turns-tourist-for-the-day type of trip. I went in to visit one of my friends from Paris – a beautiful California girl with a hankering for travel and a drive to help the whole world follow their dreams.  She took me to Highline Park and Chelsea Market (Friedman’s for lunch). Its may be impossible to escape the sheer volume of people who live, work and play in NYC but Highline Park makes that seem like a good thing.  Its a oasis in the middle of the city where you can escape the stark concrete while still appreciating the skyline many love.  Its almost the opposite of Central Park, where you can escape the traffic, noise and skyscrapers.  Central Park is large enough to feel like you escaped the city altogether.  Chelsea Market almost felt like a city’s version farmer’s market.  Not because it offers the raw foods or small food stalls but because of the diversity and chaos and small shops.  The shops and restaurants were limited in size but big in personality.  I got the pancakes and I’ve got to say, anyplace that gives you real maple syrup outside of Vermont gets instant points in my book.  Its not that easy to find but real maple syrup, not the corn syrup version, makes pancakes, waffles and bacon taste so much better.  To top it off, the pancake special was a rhubarb ginger compote that they placed in the center of my pancakes and it was the perfect tart complement to my syrup and rich, buttery pancakes.

Theodore Roosevelt's Birthplace, NYC
Theodore Roosevelt’s Birthplace, NYC

We continued on to Theodore Roosevelt’s Birthplace and hot chocolate at LA Burdicks. I am a nerd and have a National Park Servicepassport‘ that I love putting stamps in.  It is currently about even for stamps with my real passport.  I love learning about what shaped the country and the people who have had a large impact on it.  TR definitely qualifies as one of those people.  I also love Burdicks – my beau and I found it in Cambridge eons ago.  When they opened a place in Boston itself we were beyond excited because the Cambridge site is a little too out of the way when we do day-trips from home (although it was great as a college kid who lived in the area…).

Theodore Roosevelt's Birthplace, NYC - Portrait of TR's Mother
Theodore Roosevelt’s Birthplace, NYC – Portrait of TR’s Mother

After that it was up to the Met for their Impression, Fashion and Modernity  exhibit.  No pictures allowed!  But I did get the exhibit manuscript so I’ll be able to go through all the wonderful paintings and dresses that were on display.  Most of them, anyway.  The exhibit is closing May 27th (read: tomorrow) so that it can complete its final leg of a three city journey at the Chicago Institute of Art.  I spent about two hours going through the exhibit and I probably could have easily spent a couple more.  It was an amazing exhibit but not everyone loses track of time the way I do when focusing on the art!  (It must be one of my super-powers because I pretty much forgot to eat at the Bruce Museum yesterday.  My beau was amazed I wasn’t eating him.  He’s feigned counting body parts once I start eating a meal if I got too hungry between eating!)  If you love impressionism, the other big show that I’ve heard of is the John Singer Sargent Watercolors Exhibit.  It is currently on exhibit at Brooklyn Museum in NYC until July and will travel to Boston’s MFA ,opening in October.  I am definitely going to it but chances are that I’ll see it in Boston.  New York, New York has some amazing museums but the city of Boston has a youthful and friendly vibe that I enjoy.  And I need to visit some of my favorite food places…  Again…  And again…  And savor all the flavors that are hard to repeat at home or hard to find near home.  I have found that the new experiences and the hard to replicate are some of my favorite reasons to travel.  Don’t you agree?

Bryant Park, NYC - I had an hour before the train came so I stayed in the Park near Grand Central before heading home.
Bryant Park, NYC – I had an hour before the train came so I stayed in the Park near Grand Central before heading home.

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