Vermont Cheese Fest

Vermont Cheesemakers Fest Logo

Just bought tickets to try as much cheese as my tummy can handle! My beau and I went last year and really enjoyed visiting all the different vendors. I got a belly ache after about 2.5 hours.  The beau, on the other hand, was still going strong when we left after 3-3.5 hours. Please note that he grew up in Vermont and I did not. He would happily drink about half a gallon of milk every day. I would not…

2012 CheeseFest Council

Disclaimer: I’ve been to the fest once and have no affiliation with either the farmers/association that sponsors the event or Shelburne Farms which hosts the event.

All photography is courtesy of the Cheese Fest Website.

Goats Milk Caramels ps. they also have goats milk caramels (shown above – Big Picture Farms‘ Chai Caramel was amazing and one of my favorite things at the Fest last year), maple syrup and other treats made in Vermont!

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